Are you experiencing these issues with your MS Access databases?

* Databases difficult to maintain and change? * Difficulty reporting on data (especially historic data)? * Users seeing too much, or not enough data? * Documentation difficult to keep up to date? * Activities not being audited? * MS Access databases getting larger and less manageable? * Databases not visible remotely

 We can also convert your MS Excel applications to SQL Server and ASP.NET. See here

Step 1 - Analyse


1. We analyse and document your existing MS Access system(s) by looking at...

  • Your existing Access databases 
  • Existing database user interaction
  • Existing Data flow (manual and automated)
  • Existing Access forms and validation 
  • Existing Access Data storage and existing ADO/DAO data connections
  • Existing Access data retrieval requirements (queries and reports)
  • Existing Dashboards, Management Information, pivots, charts, filters etc.
  • Existing Access calculations and any custom functions
  • Existing Macros, Add-Ins and VBA
  • Existing Forms and underlying VBA
  • Existing Security in place

Free onsite consultancy available to discuss your requirements

Step 2 - Discuss


2. We discuss converting your MS Access system(s) to SQL server + ASP.NET to give you...

  • Rich screens built to your exact requirements with enhanced validation and user guidance. 
  • All the benefits of SQL Server such as unlimited storage (access all historic data), quick and efficient data retrieval, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Triggers etc.
  • Dashboard based Management Information customised to your exact requirements.
  • Pivots, grids, charts used to simplify/enhance your data gathering and data presentation
  • Reports can be amended by end-users and saved
  • Full security model with auditing
  • Automated feeds to or from other systems 

Free onsite consultancy available to discuss your requirements

Step 3 - Convert & Build


3. We Convert and Build

  • We design your new data model and structures based on your requirements with an eye on any future needs
  • We convert your existing Excel data to SQL Server, including any historic data as required
  • We build your screens and reports
  • Includes configuration screens so you can make most changes in-house
  • Includes on screen help, themed and branded user guides and documentation.
  • Can include branded end user training course (CBT or classroom)
  • Full telephone support included
  • Includes free on-site consultancy day(s)
  • If required we can also provide full source code

 Free onsite consultancy available to discuss your requirements 

Free On-Site Consultancy

To discuss your requirements we can provide a free day's consultancy (UK) with no commitment

If you proceed we can provide additional free days on-site

Our Offer

Guaranteed conversions to ASP.NET and SQL Server from your MS Access application(s) 

For example: T&C Monitoring, Workforce Monitoring, Productivity Measurements, Remote Data Gathering, Complaint Handling, File Checks etc.

We can provide free on-site consultancy on your premises to discuss your requirements.

We can host the .NET/SQL Server application(s) for you or use your own servers.

If required we can also provide full source code.

Click here to see an example of how your MS Access based system may look once converted to .NET and SQL.