Whatever your industry, (Financial Services, food production, manufacturing and so on) an effective and flexible Training and Competence (T&C) and Compliance Monitoring System can prevent Compliance breaches with timely training and testing, documentary evidence storage, diary activities and flexible exception reporting.

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Part of our Back Office Software suite built using ASP.NET and SQL Server

Shares our Back Office Software Modules to control hierarchy, processes, workforce monitoring, reports etc.  

We can also convert your existing Training & Competence Monitoring system from MS Excel or MS Access

Events, Forms and Processes

Processes, Events and Items

  • Event forms can contain charts, grids, gauges, calendars etc. so they can precisely match your existing paper-based forms
  • Configurable Complaint Management. Track all complaints with full reporting
  • Events can be configured to triggered further event(s) for example actions plans after an observation, using the simple-to-use triggers admin screen
  • Triggered/follow on events are linked. Links can be clicked to view history
  • All events can have an availability date range outside of which the event is unavailable for example disable a test until the related course has been attended
  • Files can be attached to events and can include documents, worksheets, videos and MP3s. This can be used to provide evidence of competency
  • Configurable CPD categories and targets. CPD summaries and targets can be shown on the dashboard consolidated for selected hierarchy
  • Track and report on Corporate Governance / Board activity to monitor how your business is directed and controlled and whether certain crucial activities have been completed on time

Tests and Exams

Tests and Exams. Graphical Results

  • With our Tests and Exams module, you can create your own repository of questions
  • Allocate questions to specific learning and development areas
  • Create specific online tests and exams by selecting learning and development areas and the number of questions to appear in the test per Learning and Development area
  • Define pass marks and test instructions
  • You can set whether the test is to be invigilated or not
  • Reference material links can show confirmation as to why a test answer was correct or not and therefore which material to study. Material can be referenced via a link
  • Tests/Exams can be scheduled within an individuals list of items to be completed, for example scheduled to be available after a training course. Then, when the course has been completed, the test becomes available
  • Once the test is completed immediate results graphically show which learning and development areas have been passed or failed. This can then be used to schedule and populate remedial courses for example or any action plan(s) necessary which can also be scheduled and monitored

Reports, MI and Notifications

Fully Customisable Report Designer

  • Reports can be configured by administrators with drag and drop for groupings, sorts, column order and filters
  • Fully customisable report designer
  • Reports can be traditional, grid, pivot, chart or any combination
  • One click reporting with automatic filtering based on hierarchy selected
  • All reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF etc
  • Customisable dashboard to see at-a-glance details relevant to your log in (Supervisor, Compliance Manager etc.) Can include CPD, KPIs, diary views, upcoming courses etc.
  • Email notifications / reminders are automatically sent daily for outstanding events, upcoming tests etc
  • Email notifications can be sent immediately as events are added
  • Email notifications of breaches or potential breaches can be sent immediately to authorised personnel

Remember, we focus on Flexible Reporting which prevents your data being lost in a black-hole... 

Learning & Development

Learning & Development - Managing a Course

  • With our Course Administration module, Add and manage your own course templates including maximum number of delegates, email text and so on 
  • Personnel who have course requirements are quickly identified and can then be booked and emailed with instructions in a few clicks 
  • After the course the trainer can complete online course assessments and then add follow-on events to address any outstanding needs 
  • Include online tests before, during or after the course to measure understanding using the built-in test administrator 
  • Use online tests with learning objectives which match course modules to determine who needs which course module rather than booking delegates en-masse 

Other Benefits

KPI Chart

  • Can show regulatory news on login screen or after login
  • Configurable hierarchies - spans of control, reporting etc.
  • Detail pages can be hidden based on login rights
  • Existing data can be imported one-off or regularly
  • Can export to other company systems such as data warehouse etc.
  • Built-in form builder to create your own screens to match your paper forms with options, check-boxes, linked lists, notes, calculations etc.
  • Can integrate into other systems for example Point of Sale software etc.
  • Off-line input possible using Excel worksheets uploaded to server and processed as a service
  • Preferences such as KPI percent limits can be set by administrators
  • The document repository makes shared documents available to all users ensuring they are up to date.
  • KPIs, CPD etc.
  • CBT can be provided using authoring package and made available for viewing via the events screen (with date range availability)


  • All activities are audited. The audit can be reported upon
  • All users can change their own password. Certain users can change other user's passwords, but no-one can see what anyone’s existing password is
  • Security provided via forms authentication (if hosted by us) or windows authentication if installed on client intranet.
  • Logins can
    • Be limited by date, or disabled
    • Have their own logo branding
    • Start with any detail page
    • Show/hide any detail page
  • All menu items or individual actions on screens can be individually granted or revoked for users based on their user login level
  • Flexible Hierarchy with multiple levels of managers/teams and companies makes it simple to restrict who and what is visible for any login

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