Easily allow remote staff to select their preferred shifts and locations

Easily schedule remote staff. Let them select their preferred shifts and locations

Are you finding it difficult to organise resources for remote locations?

  • Our easy to use scheduling software timesheet calendar based screen lets your staff  select days and locations they are available to work.
  • Limit the locations they can choose,
  • Full auditing and reporting. 
  • Who has selected which locations and dates and who hasn't?
  • What locations are currently without resources?
  • Quickly identify resource gaps.
  • Easy to use authorisation tool.
  • Prevent scheduling errors and conflicts.
  • Fully audited.
  • Configure and save drag and drop report pivots to allow drill down analysis of resource gaps etc.
  • All reports and analysis can be exported to Excel and as PDFs
  • Staff roles can be used to organise required roles per site each day.
  • Email staff when date limits for requests are approaching...

Fully customisable to fit in with your company structure and reporting lines. 

Shares our Back Office Software Modules to control hierarchy, processes, workforce management, compliance and reports.