Creating and Editing Tests and Exams

Creating A Test

Part of our Back Office Software suite, specifically  Compliance Monitoring.

Remember, we focus on Flexible Reporting 

The Test/Exam Administration test maker screens let you:

  • Create a repository of questions
  • Allocate questions to specific learning and development areas
  • Create specific online tests and exams by selecting learning and development areas and the number of questions per Learning and Development area
  • Define pass marks and test instructions; whether the test is to be invigilated etc.
  • Reference material links can show confirmation as to why a test answer was correct or why it was incorrect and therefore which material to study. Material can be referenced via a link.

Taking a Test

Taking An Online Test

Tests/Exams can be scheduled within an individuals list of items to be completed, and if required, scheduled to be available after a training course for example.

  • When the course has been completed, the test becomes available.
  • Once the test is completed immediate results graphically show which learning and development areas have been passed or failed.
  • This can then be used to schedule and populate remedial courses for example or any action plan(s) necessary which can also be scheduled and monitored.

Remember, we focus on Flexible Reporting

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