All of our solutions manage processes

Compliance Monitoring

In Compliance Monitoring, these are a form, event, item or activity; or sequence of activities, each with a due date that can be added to a hierarchy item (person, section, team, company etc.)

  • You can track what is coming up based on these due dates.
  • The person(s) should have the competence to complete the action and this can be defined using other processes (such as exams or courses).

Workforce Management (WFM) / Operations

In Workforce Management these are an item of work received (directly or indirectly) in to the team. A work item may also have steps (follow-ons), stages and/or require authorisation. 

  • Personnel should have the competence to complete the process, but this can determine their skill levels which affect the time allowed for the person to complete the process.
  • Processes can be shared between teams, this way you can loan team members between teams that have the same processes - you know that the loaned personnel have the required skills.
  • Work items may be identified as drip-feed or as having other properties (BPI) which can be used to categorise and group in subsequent reporting.

Activity Based Costing

In Activity Based Costing, these are the activities identified during the interview stages, but there is usually some overlap with those defined within Competence Monitoring and Workforce Management.

  • Business Processes relate to the Value Chain processes. 
  • Below that, Sub-Processes relate to broad activities within the processes. 
  • Our interviews assess % of time against a third level: Activities within Sub-Processes.
  • Additional splits can be added below that level should your teams need deeper analysis.

Process Tools

Process Timing

Process Timing

Once processes have been identified, our Excel based process timer can time how long processes take to complete. We can then allocate personnel a skill level which will give them more or less time to complete the process in Workforce Management

Process Help


Modules which use processes can display URLs for the user to provide guidance when completing them.

In addition, our Personal Process Assistant module can prompt an operator step-by-step through any process including any decisions to be made. This is all audited and timed.

End to End

Process End to End Tool

Reporting includes the ability to analyse end-to-end processes to identify e2e cost e.g., underwriting new business. 

Remember, we focus on Flexible Reporting which prevents your data being lost in a black-hole...  

Process Improvement / Optimisation

Process Improvement Tool

Process Improvement - Part of our Back Office Software, using various tools such as VBA and RPA we can streamline your existing processes to minimise delays and increase your productivity and efficiency

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Personal Process Assistant (PPA)


Our Personal Process Assistant can help when making decisions. 

They also audit how long each process step took to complete and by whom and exactly what steps were taken to complete the process and why.